Frequently Asked Questions

Are all types of eco-friendly tableware equally good for the Environment?


Greenwashing (coined from Brainwashing) is a marketing term in which companies deceptively use green PR to persuade customer into believing that their product is good for environment. We have done thorough research and concluded our study for you so that you can be the judge and fully informed about each type of eco-friendly product. Refer below our Ultimate Guidelines for choosing perfect eco-friendly disposable tableware:

*Rating criteria is based on below guidelines
*Cornstarch is made from polylactic acid (PLA). It is one of the most disguised and misleading form of eco-friednly product. It takes decades to decompose in nature and hence cities need very specific infrastructure to deal with PLA wastes. As a result PLA waste often end up in landfills where, deprived of oxygen, they may release methane, a greenhouse gas 23 times more potent than carbon dioxide. Also, When they are not discarded properly, they can contaminate batches of recycled plastic and harm recycling infrastructure.


Material which is naturally decomposable is ranked highest and material which is not degradable is ranked least. Material which are recycled are ranked highest and material which need to be developed/processed ranked least. Material which does not need special industrial process to decompose is ranked highest and materials which do not decomposed are raked least.


They look good on your Dinner Table

Quality / Usability

Material which are having added benefits in usability like microwave safe, frezer safe, oil resistance, hand washable for reuse etc are ranked highest.

Can I reuse Disposable Tableware?

Not all disposable tablewares are reusable. However, there are some eco-friendly products which you can simply hand washed and store for next use like bamboo made cutlery and bamboo or wheat straw.

Can I put them in microwave or freezer?

Sugarcane Bagasse tableware are one of the safest eco-friendly products to be used in microwave and freezer. So don’t feel shy from quickly warming up your leftover food in microwave. However we do recommend not to heat them for longer time.

Why should I use Le Bon Bamboo Tableware?

Each of our product and even packaging (non plastic) is chosen in a way to provide you with the most eco-friendly and elegant disposable tableware for your event or weekend dinner party. Each product (and its packaging) is designed keeping only two criteria as the priority, to provide you a Best Quality and a true Eco-Friendly product.

We are here to make your event greener and elegant.